Monday, September 7, 2009

there's building, there's building, then there's really building

psalm 127:1
unless the Lord builds the house, those who labor build it in vain

Now I don't think I'm going out on a limb here when i suggest that none of us really want to build in vain? 

The above verse has more than a ring of truth about it doesn't it.

Life is too short - and full of so much nonsense as it is. Far too often we find ourselves sifting thru the happenstances of the day, ranging from the sublime to the quite frankly utterly ridiculous, thinking that we've just gone thru the looking glass, (while no-one else seems to have noticed - or would appear to have gone thru the looking glass with us) all the while repeating to ourselves any number, derivation or combination of the following mantras: 

'this is madness', 'did what just happen here really just happen here', 'Am i delusional - or is everybody else? Just exactly who is the mental case here - cos i thought it was the other person involved in the exchange that just occurred.

i've been there. I'm sure you've been there too.

Check your pulse if you haven't.

I think that in all honesty I can truly say that i've been there - on a fairly constant basis since i became aware that i was and that i actually  - as it turn out - am. 

So through all the living, breathing, talking, thinking, listening, observing, laughing, crying, shouting, screaming, and running for cover in a meltdown going postal type madness - i have arrived at a conclusion: 

An epiphany if you will:

unless the Lord builds the house, those who labor build it in vain

Hope you're still with me.

i want what i do to matter. I am sure that you want what you do to matter to some degree too?

Not for vanity.

Not for kudos.

Not for money. you don't miss what you ain't never had.

And not for the social influence (if any) that the building of the 'whatever it is' might garner for me - or not - in the overall emotional real estate scheme of things

Most folks are far too busy comparing where they see themselves in relation to whom they consider their 'peers' and where they see themselves in relation to me (and if i am not regarded by them as a peer)  then it makes no tangible difference whatsoever. i may as well have just passed wind in a hurricane.

Everyone wants to come out on top. Everyone thinks you're the idiot.

i have lost count of the amount of times i have been the third party observing a dialog. You can just tell that both parties walked away thinking: 'i sure told him/her'. 

Well no-one told anyone anything - because no-one was listening, but instead rather foolishly forming their witty retort to ensure the ultimate goal of our current civilization:

'to come out on top in every social scenario possible'.

So then:  to the pondering; 
where have you built in your own strength and to your own design and then asked for His blessing?

When have you had every intention of letting Jesus building the 'whatever it is He wants to build' - using you as one of the vessel's for the short, medium or long term haul - but then got impatient and taken over proceedings from the sovereign creator - because you can't wait any longer - because as it turns out you know best, like you know something that He doesn't?

if you were to tell me that you have never been there - and that none of the above has any resonance for you whatsoever - may I be so bold to suggest that you are either delusional, lying to yourself or live a life surrounded by sycophants.

I have been a fool before.

i probably will be again.

but i am not alone. For there is always you.........

And i'm pretty sure that you too have a timeshare in a place called 'foolsville'.

I wanna build.

i wanna get it right.

Someone told me recently that i was a carpenter - not a tool. I hope their assessment of me turns out to be well founded.

unless the Lord builds the house, those who labor build it in vain

Peace, life long learning and understanding